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general terms & conditions


All information, photos and logos published on this site are the property Vander Hotel d.o.o. and are subject to copyright within the legally permitted framework protection or other forms of intellectual property.


Vander Hotel d.o.o. will make every effort to ensure accurate and up-to-date information on its website. It reminds users, however, that the data and text informative and therefore does not guarantee or assume any responsibility for their accuracy and page integrity. Users content on our site used at their own risk.


Vander Hotel d.o.o. is not responsible for any occasional downtime of the site, for any inaccuracy of the information and also not for any damage caused by use of inaccurate or incomplete information. Nor is anyone responsible for this another legal or natural person who participated in the creation and production of this website.


For these reasons, it is not liable for any damages or inconveniences that may result from the existence of the website, from access to and / or use and / or inability to use information on this site and / or for any errors or omissions in their content, whether or not they have been informed of the possibility of such damage. There are also links to other websites on site, but Vander Hotel d.o.o. is not responsible for the accuracy of data and information, obtained on these pages. It is also not responsible for the accuracy of the information obtained on pages for which it provides a link or reference and does not download no liability for data protection on these websites. Vander Hotel d.o.o. reserves the right to change, add or remove at any time content from your site, adding or removing content posted on the website at any time, in any way, in part or in in full, for whatever reason and without prior notice. Users all posted use the content at their own risk.



The guest should inform the hotel reception on the spot about irregularities or deficiencies alone. In the event that, judging by the content, the complaint could be resolved on the spot itself (for example, lack of cleanliness of the room, equipment, location of the room…) the guest is not complained of an error on the spot and did not notify the reception of the irregularity, that the guest agreed to such a deficiently performed service and thereby lost the right to lodge subsequent complaints with a request to reduce the price of the service or payment of damages. The guest can file a complaint in writing within 60 days from the day the service was provided incorrectly performed. In case the guest has a statutory deadline for filing complaints of delay, Vander Hotel d.o.o. does not deal with the content of the complaint.


The guest can send an inquiry to or call by phone number +386 1 200 9000. A valid credit card is required to successfully confirm a reservation. In case of damages to the hotel property, the amount of damage is deducted from the credit card. A payment link will be sent with a proforma invoice to guarantee a successful booking.


If you are traveling with children, please let us know how many and their age, depending on their age, we can prepare an offer. You can see children's discounts on our general price list. Which we will e-mail to you.


When booking via the booking form or via e-mail, the guest allows Vander Hotel d.o.o. until the written cancellation of the guest leads, maintains and processes the collection of the collected of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Uradni list RS št. 86/04 in 67/07). Vander Hotel d.o.o. provides protection of personal data after the law.

The collection manager may process personal data for the purpose of informing about offer, services, novelties and changes of Vander Hotel d.o.o.

The controller undertakes not to pass on the data to third parties.

The hotel undertakes to process and protect the data in accordance with the Act on protection of personal data.

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