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a Ljubljana local who fell in love with an Australian

Ljubljančan (pronounced Lyu-blyan-chan)

While the word may be difficult to pronounce for a foreigner, Ljubljana will immediately make you one of its own.


Which is what happened to Amanda when she met Aleksander, a Ljubljančan, here: "It was down here that our eyes met for the first time. We had our first coffee and enjoyed our first kiss. Over there we bought our first flat. After a longer stay in Australia, we decided to come back. The kiss is still here, and out of it has grown something that we want to share with our guests."

our story

don't look for a hotel

Don't expect a typical hotel façade or a glass lobby where you can exit from your car.


You are in the old town, which is sensitive to traffic. Vander Urbani Resort is four old town houses in a terrace nestling under Castle Hill on the banks of the River Ljubljanica.


From the outside, they look like the other town houses in the old city, but they have been intricately re-designed with a contemporary passion.

don't look for a hotel

Roman Harbour and medieval Craftsmen

During the renovation of the building, extensive archeological excavations in 2011 revealed that there was once an embankment here on the River in Roman times, when the town was called Emona.


The embankment was reinforced with a jetty which was used as a small harbour.


Numerous finds have confirmed that tailors and shoemakers lived here in the Middle Ages. The site is one of the most significant discoveries in recent years in Ljubljana. And it is here that we anchored our Vander, with a new style, but with its heart rooted in history.

hotel history
hotel room

old & new meet in a passionate embrace

Old and new meet in a passionate embrace. Beneath the old bourgeois house facades lie 20 rooms whose design epitomises perfect living comfort. Yes, that’s Vander.


Sensual, at one with the environment, and enhanced to meet the needs of the contemporary traveller. The interior design follows a continuous line which runs almost imperceptibly from house to house. The charm of the surprising views culminates in the panorama from the roof terrace.


This is what Ljubljana is like, too: in love with the old, constantly seeking the new.

*Architectural project is the work of the bureau SADAR+VUGA

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